Amy and Mark ride the Anaconda

Family Photos

I got serious with photography late 1971 - early 1972 and I shot a lot of film from that point until some time in the mid 1980s, I think, when I felt overwhelmed and sold every bit of hardware that I had. And it took a very long time for me to pick up a camera again.

I never threw anything away, either, so I carried forward with me, through life, boxes and boxes of slides and negatives (mostly slides). It's because of the latter that I'm able to produce this first group of pictures.

Looking at what I was able to group together after an initial pass at those boxes; I found these. Most are not good. And I wush there were more. There might be -- I don't know yet.

Regardless of the quality or the quantity, here we are - mostly 1972 - 1975. I make no apologies because I'm glad to have found them at all.

I know I have a batch of shots of Holly and Hayden as babies (then as they grew), so there should be / will be another group posted once I find and scan them.

You may find some surprises here. I know of at least one person who probably won't remember posing for me.